WeBL Help Pages

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The key to winning in WeBL

How the Game Works

About WeBL
A brief brochure.

A summary of how WeBL is played.

Answers to frequently asked questions about WeBL.

Complete Rules
A detailed description of the rules used in the WeBL boxing simulator.

Fight Plan Instructions
Instructions on how to make advanced fight plans.

Past Changes
A history of changes to the fight simulator.

A glossary of WeBL terminology.

Fight Purses
The scoop on fight purses.

The Scheduler
How the WeBL fight scheduler works.

How to make and join "private regions" for you and your friends, and explanations of non-geographic regions and "variant" regions.

Advice and Tips

Here are a number of pages with advice and tips for new (and not so new players).

Read and Heed

Acceptable Use Policy
What you are not allowed to do on the WeBL site.