1. What is simbot.

2. How to create an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) account

3. How to use the simbot

1. Simbot is an online chart bot that allows you to fight in real time in round-by-round mode.

2. To do it you have to get an IRC client first (check an example below), then follow this to find the WeBL channel:

- File -> Select Server -> Starchat -> Random server

- File > connect

- type /join #webl

There are a lot of free IRC clients, for our demonstration purpose we will use KVIrc:

After installing the client you'll see the picture below:

Find starchat -> random server

Then click "advanced"

In the first entry 'identity' you have to pick your nick name:

Then in the third entry "join channels" type '#webl':

Then click add, then click OK.

After this the menu will close and you should just click the big green or blue 'CONNECT NOW' button to join the simbot channel:

3. To fight and talk online you need an opponent first. If there is nobody online then you cannot play (sorry). If there is someone else online you should click 'NewBot' on the top right corner and you will start your personal chat with the simbot.

Here you may give it commands and see the results of them in the main publick chart.

After typing !join you'll join the simbot queue.

By switching channels on the left top, you may join either your private simbot chat or main publick channel.

When it's your turn to fight the simbot will offer you a fighter, and if his build suits you type 'yes', if no- type 'no'. You have 5 chances to choose a suitable build.

After both managers get their fighters put a line in for the first round such as:

5/7/8 (feint) for example.

After each of the managers put in their commands, the first round begins and is simulated on the main page. Once you check it, go back to the simbot and give it your next command for round 2 and so on.

P.S. As a gentlemen's agreement for simbot- whenever you have a KP fighter please do not use a flash attempt in round 1, as there is no way your opponent can see if you have got KP or not.