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The Keys to Winning WeBL

The key to winning at WeBL is very simple: Look at your next opponent before selecting or designing your fight plan. Click on his name, and then examine his record and recent bouts.

Does he have a high percentage of KOs? Then keep your defense up or you'll be next!

Does he get a lot of early KOs but fall apart late? Then keep your defense high in the early rounds and finish him when he's tired!

Are most of his wins by decision? Then he probably has speed and agility to make up for a lack of power. You'll have to lower your defense and take chances if you want to beat him.

Is he short and stocky? Then he's probably strong and not too quick on his feet. Stay away from him! Use the ring, go outside, counter-punch if he gets too aggressive.

Is he tall and skinny? Then use your strength and don't let him get away from you! Go inside or clinch. Clinching is safer if he has put careless sluggers on the matt, but sometimes you need to go inside or allout against a "sissy".

Does he miss a lot and throw wild punches? Then his speed is low. Maybe you can outpoint him while keeping your defense high so he can't hurt you. Feint or counter-punch.

Also, beware of using the same strategy week after week. Your opponents are watching!

Copyright 2002 Bruce Cota