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Frequently Asked Questions About WeBL

Scheduling Fights

I just made a fighter, how does he get a fight?
Just wait and a fight will be scheduled for him within 7 days.

When does my fighter get a fight?
Each weight division fights on one day a week. Matches are made 48 hours after the fights. So, your fighter usually has to wait two days after his division fights. Check the help page section on The Scheduler for fight days.

I want my fighter to challenge my friend's fighter.
That isn't possible right now.

Why didn't my fighter get scheduled for a fight?
This usually happens if you have multiple fighters in the same weight division, because the scheduler won't match up two fighters from the gym. Also, if there are an odd number of fighters in a division, one fighter will have to sit out that week.

Why am I fighting somebody outside my region?
There was nobody available to fight within your region.

How do I win the title?
You have to fight your way to the top of the rankings and beat the champion.

My fighter is ranked #1. Why isn't his next fight a title fight?
If the title is vacant, a title fight is only scheduled when the top 1 or 2 fighters have a higher rating than any other fighter going for that title.

Creating and Managing Your Fighter

How do I get a picture of my fighter in his description?
You need to use HTML. If you don't know HTML, you can ask for help on the bulletin board.

How can I change my fighter's name?
You can't. Fighter names are permanent (except when they are censored for being offsenive.)

How did my fighter get renamed as a "Tomato Can"?
Your fighter's name was deemed offensive by the WeBL volunteers and he was automatically renamed. We don't have time to discuss each case with each manage, so we just click a button and your name is changed.

How do I make my fighter a contender?
He has to win his regional title and defend it once.

My fighter won his fight -- why didn't he get an ability point?
You don't get an ability point for winning. You get an ability point when your status increases. If your status didn't increase, you won't get an ability point.

What are those stars by a some fighter names?
A fighter gets a blue star when he wins a regional title, a silver star when he gets a world title fight, and a gold star when he wins a world title.

How do I recruit fighters?
You can create all the new fighters that you want (use the "create fighter" link on the left frame). If you happen to find an existing fighter managed by "nobody", you can "ask him to join your gym".

How do I get a list of all fighters managed by "nobody".
You can't. The list is too long to generate on demand.

How did all my fighters get retired?
If you don't login to the site for three weeks, all your fighters are retired. But you can un-retire them any time you want -- just click on their names in your gym and look for a link to come out of retirement.

Fight Results

I was robbed! I was winning but the other guy got the decision.
The judges make random mistakes to simulate human error. If the fight is close, they will sometimes make the "wrong" decision. Even so, we think WeBL judges are fairer than real judges :)

Why did the doctor stop the fight when I was winning?
The WeBL doctor doesn't care who is winning. If an injury is too severe, he will stop the fight.

Gyms and Regions

How can I change my gym name?
Use the "Change Email/Password" link near the top of the left frame.


Can I have a copy of your fight sim?
No. It doesn't run under Windows, anyway.

What does this have to do with EKO or the "The Boxing Game".
The software used to run WeBL was originally used to run a game called "EKO" which I ran for 1.5 years I got another company involved to make EKO commercial by charging for the game. With my support, they ran EKO for another 1.5 years while rewriting the software to run under a different platform. When the rewrite was complete (actually well before that) they stopped paying me, so I eventually improved my own site and restarted it under the name "WeBL". The other company has changed the name of its game to "The Boxing Game".