WeBL Purses

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WeBL Fight Purses

In WeBL, fights between fighters of rating 1 or higher have purses. The winner of the fight gets the value of the purse added to his "career earnings", and to the "total earnings" of his gym.

Things to know about purses

  1. Purses have no actual effect on the game. They are just for "color." A fighter or gym can do nothing with earnings, and this will never change.

  2. Purses are based on the ratings of the fighters involved. purses for world title fights are doubled.

  3. Purses increase very rapidly with rating. Most of a gym's earnings will come from it's top few fighters.

  4. Purses are winner take all. The loser gets nothing (except for world title fights -- see below). If the bout is declared a draw, the purse is split evenly between fighters.

  5. Each fighter in a world title fight gets a "signing bonus" equal to 50% of the purse. He gets this whether he wins or loses and it is in addition to the fight purse.

The formula used to compute the fight purse is as follows:

          Purse =  R1*R1*R2*R2*$20
where R1 and R2 are the ratings of the two fighters involved. In addition, purses for world title fights are doubled.

All purses will be increased by 10% if the bout ends by KO.