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Fight Nights

SundayStraw, Junior-Fly, Fly
Monday Super-Fly, Bantam, Super-Bantam
TuesdayFeather, Super-Feather, Light
Wednesday Super-Light, Welter, Super-Welter
ThursdayMiddle, Super-Middle
FridayLight-Heavy, Cruiser

Scheduling Fights in WeBL

The Scheduling Algorithm

Fights are scheduled 48 hours after the prior weeks bouts have completed. The only exception is for Heavyweights, which schedule 24 hours later. After the scheduler complets, it will attempt to run again 24 hours later to find any later activated fighters or stragglers that were skipped.

There is currently no way to challenge another gym in WeBL. All matches are scheduled automatically -- this is absolutely essentially to avoid "fight fixing".

To understand how fights are actually scheduled, imagine all the fighters in a division/region standing against a wall. The scheduler matches the 1st fighter with the 2nd in line, the 3rd with the 4th, the 5th with the 6th, etc. However, a fighter can be skipped in the following circumstances:

For example, if the 3rd and 4th ranked fighters are from the same gym, the scheduler will skip the 3rd ranked fighter and match the 4th with the 5th, the 6th with the 7th, etc. When a fighter is skipped, the scheduler doesn't give him a bout at all.

Fighters are lined up by status. Fighters with the same status are lined up by rating. Fighters with the same status and rating are lined up according to their winning streak. Fighters with the same status, rating, and streak are lined up by their win %.

The scheduler runs several times, and fighters who were skipped on one pass might get a bout later. For example, suppose the 3rd and 4th fighters are from the same gym, and that the 8th and 9th fighters from a different gym In that case, the first pass would match #1 with #2, skip #3, match #4 with #5, #6 with #7, skip #8, match #9 with #10, etc. On the second pass #3 and #8 would be left "standing next to each other" and would be matched if they are within 2 rating points.

Title Fights:

Title fights are scheduled by a different scheduler that runs once before any other scheduler. A title fight is scheduled between the #1 ranked fighter and the next highest ranked fighter managed by a different manager.

However, if the next highest ranked fighter is more than one status below the #1 fighter, no title fight takes place. The #1 fighter may still get scheduled for a bout in this case (there may be an old geezer with high status at a lower ranking), but this will not be a title fight.

If the #1 ranked fighter has changed division, retired, or been promoted to contenders, the #2 ranked fighter will be eligible for a title fight, as if he had been ranked #1. If the #1 and #2 ranked fighters have all retired, changed division, and/or been promoted, there is no title fight. (Temporarily, due to diminishing numbers of Contenders, if enough fighters retire at the top levels to prevent a title bout from occuring, posting a request in the 'Bug Reports' about the situation and when/if a Moderator sees the request and has time to verify it, the bout may be promoted to a title bout. For title promoting, the fighters need to both be at the maximum rating and status for the region.)

There is occasionally a tie in the rankings. If there is one fighter at the top ranking, and two or more different fighters tied for eligibility to fight for the title, the opponent is chosen arbitrarily. But if there are three or more fighters at the top ranking, there is no title fight -- one or two fighters must first distinguish themselves as the top contenders. Note that when fighters are tied for the same ranking, one fighter is printed below the other on the other rankings page, but with the same number in the rank column. In that case, the order in which fighters appear on the page makes no difference at all.

Note that the title fight scheduler uses the previous week's rankings from this same division and same region. Therefore, a fighter who changes weight class cannot be scheduled for a title fight in the following week (because he will not have a ranking in his new division.)

Additionally, if a public region fighter has a win streak of 3 or more heading into their title bout, they will be promoted to Contenders if they win the title, regardless of the number of titles they have currently won.