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WeBL Strategy Tips

Here are some basic "starter hints" for creating your fight plans.

To Win a Round
Choose Best Openings and use as low a Defense as possible without getting stunned or knocked down. Aggressiveness is worth twice as much as Power.

To Wear Out your Opponent
Throw Body Blows and set Power to twice Aggressiveness.

To Stun or KO Your Opponent
Throw Head Punches and set Power to twice Aggressiveness.

Fatigue is caused by using a high Power or Aggressiveness. Aggressiveness is twice as tiring as Power.

You can rest by using low Aggressiveness, Power, and Defense, but if your opponent is throwing power punches it's usually better to keep your Defense up, or you'll lose more endurance from getting hit than you gain from resting.


Choose a fighting style based on your fighter's biggest advantage going into the fight: